Thursday, January 24, 2008

Work, Work, Work

As in the reason why I haven't blogged in almost two full weeks. I ended up going right back to Arizona the next week (for totally different and more time-consuming reasons) and this week, I've been out and about around San Antonio. But, don't worry. I managed to get a few photos done and they'll be some more posts this weekend.

Now, in the full post we have: "Arizona, The Sequel" and "Patterns I found while traveling around San Antonio for meetings"

Teaser: WARNING! This painting is NOT a hidden picture trick. Letting your eyes go out of focus will cause permanent damage.
From the baggage claim area of the Tucson Airport. It's called "Expanding Universe".

For this trip, we stayed on the Mexico side of the border. The hotel was cheap and had a fantastic restaurant in it. I greatly prefer Sonora style Mexican food to Monterrey style. For one thing there's more vegetables involved.

The rooms also possessed industrial strength heaters. These were unfortunately necessary. My last morning there is was 19F!

Another highlight of the hotel....Even with the relatively plain rooms, I still hit upholstery gold:

We didn't really have time to engage in any tourist activities this time around. But I managed to snap some pictures on the drive from AP to the airport.

Here's a much better picture of the mine entrances in Bisbee:
Last time, I drove through around sunset or sunrise so all my photos came out a bit dark.

One benefit of this trip is that I got to appreciate the view along I-10. Last time, I drove so I couldn't really gawk at the scenery, which is quite nice:
There's actually one bit that was much prettier but I didn't manage to get any good pictures of it because we were changing lanes so much. There were trains in the distance and everything...Darnit.

In the category of "I can't believe I missed THAT last trip", here's a sculpture from the Tucson airport:
Because, as sculptors have long known, nothing says "art" like a gignormous copper horse. Quite striking but those turquoise eyes were a bit freaky.

With the recent cold snap, I saw something surprising out my airplane window on the way back:
Actual snow-capped mountains! To a native Texan such as myself, these are a rare sight.

After the Arizona trip, I was all set for a nice relaxing week in the office. This was not to be. However, in addition to traipsing across town for meetings, I also made some interesting discoveries around San Antonio.

One day, we were out to lunch with a supplier and I noticed the carpet.
There was a valiant attempt to surreptitiously take this picture but the second it flashed, everyone at the table turned to me. One of the guys visiting from Mexico asked "What are you doing?". By the time I was done explaining, everyone was looking at me funny.

Also, after the meetings were done, we had to drive some visiting co-workers to their hotel. JACKPOT!

The second I walked in, before I even took my gloves off, I was digging for my camera. By this point, my co-workers had slipped into amused tolerance. Seriously, though aren't those patterns insane? And these were just the lobby.

Hopefully, I don't have to travel next week. My goal is to spend more than two days straight in the office for the first time since the New Year. We shall see.....

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