Thursday, January 31, 2008

Bloggers = Nat'l Security Problem?

No, really. A recent "cyber warfare" simulation run by the Department of Homeland security included bloggers in their list of possible threats.

While several commentors are correct in that blogs have the power to disseminate false information much quicker than MSM but (and it's a biggie) blogs are also much better about either correcting errors or getting their errors corrected by other blogs.

Another interesting thought was that weblogs might be seen as more of a threat to the government than main-stream media because there are no gatekeepers, making them harder to control or available to make deals if the government wants to "handle" the flow of information. Although, controlling the gate-keepers of MSM hasn't exactly been working well, has it?

My favorite comment, from "Old Grouch":

Because if you leave the tools for self-defense in the hands of the citizens, well, who knows what they might do?

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