Monday, December 17, 2007

Palladium's Wacky Carpets

While at the movies yesterday, I managed to get pictures of some the carpet inside the Palladium 19 Theater. Ever since my first visit to this faux Greco-Roman masterpiece, I've been writing myself notes, hoping one day I would remember to take my camera with me to the theater (in a totally not copyright/piracy kinda way).

Yesterday, I remembered. Here's the pattern that first caught my eye, from the stairs:

It burns! The only forgivable thing about this print is the fact that you get to walk all over it. There is something viscerally satisfying about stomping up and down these stairs.

The other areas of the theater are decorated quite tastefully with mainly sculptures and lots of geometric prints:

Sorta like a hyper-colored art deco. That's not so bad is it? Especially compared to the last one. I apologize for the white specs but the clean areas of carpet had people on them.

On a side-note, I got significantly fewer weird looks taking pictures of carpet at the theater than expected.

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