Saturday, December 22, 2007

One Billion Bulbs Initiative

I realized I had never (b)logged my switch to Compact Fluorescent Bulbs back in October. So today I registered my 5 bulbs with the Instapundit group at the One Billion Bulb Initiative. I really like this initiative as it focuses on something small but concrete the average consumer can accomplish. And they make sure to let you know that. When I registered my switch, here's the blurb that came up:

Thank you for taking the time to change 5 lightbulb(s). Your total annual savings are estimated to be $65.15. Your actions will help prevent approximately 736 lbs of greenhouse gases from being spewed into the atmosphere each year.
Totally aside from any greenhouse gas reduction, these bulbs do reduce your electricity bill. One of the light fixtures I switched is on pretty much all the time (I use it as my light that's on when I'm not at home) so it had an instant effect on my electricity bill. Not to mention, the money saved on purchasing light bulbs all the frickin' time. I only have the lights in my bathroom and I'll be completely switched over. If you want to know what switching could do for you, there's a calculator at their website.

Also, can I just say that I love the attitude towards environmentally sound behavior the sponsors of the OBB Initiative take. They're part of some group call Energy Trek. Here's some notes from them:
For members and viewers of this group, the spirit of the Energy "Trek" means:

* We focus on any positive step people take. Most people are energy abusers in some way (cars, TV's, appliances, etc), and Energy Trek wants to encourage everyone to start taking steps to save energy - no matter the size - without being concerned of being criticized for being hypocritical or taking just token steps.
* Energy Trek and One Billion Bulbs comments and usage should not be political in nature. We want to bring people together to save energy regardless of their ideology or motivation - environment/global warming, national security/energy independence, saving money, convenience, or some combination thereof. As a matter of fact, we'd like you to encourage others you know, whatever their political persuasion, to help out.
Positive attitude toward change, small steps and encouraging of a variety of viewpoints so long as we can all work together? Awesome.

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