Thursday, November 8, 2007

WGA Strike

As you may guess from the icon in the right-hand column, I'm doing something wildly out-of-character for me: I'm supporting a union during a strike. Specifically, the Writer's Guild of America against the studios. The guys from "The Office" explain it way better than I ever could:

For more info:
United Hollywood
(For fan-side) WGA Supporters on LiveJournal

My contribution:
-No viewing of streaming videos on ANY network site or any download service
-Once the LiveJournal guys post a form letter, both studios & advertisers will be getting letters from me
-I will not be viewing ANY of the replacement shows. I will watch the remaining episodes of my shows that were made before the strike BUT not the ones made after the showrunners went on strike. All replacement shows are OFF. This will include "Project Runway: Season 4" (sigh).

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