Sunday, November 11, 2007

Mutant Caterpillars Return!

My current emotional state:

Previous encounters have been limited to work. But this morning, I open the door to find mutants caterpillars at my very doorstep!

See full post for disturbing details (and photos)

So, it's Sunday morning, right? Perfect time for a post-breakfast stroll around the apartment complex. So I opened my door and casually glanced down. And I froze in abject terror. I quickly removed my sunglasses, certain I just needed to clean the lenses....But no, there it was:

My first attempt to get a close-up picture was slightly blurry (because I was freaking out):

Finally, I dug around in my entry desk for something to provide a sense of scale. I was hoping for a ruler but the best I could do is a sharpie pen:

What's even more disturbing: This sucker can MOVE. He was like the caterpillar version of the "Little Engine That Could". While taking the pictures, I had to constantly move to keep up with him.

Between the scorpions and spiders out here, you would think I'd become used to bugs (especially after the Apocalyptic Millipede Battle of 2003). But no, they still freak me the f*ck out.

I will be spending part of this afternoon treating my patio and door with bug spray.

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