Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Tuesday Randomness

This miscellaneous ended up quite photo-oriented. No idea how...

1) From the Planetary Society weblog, check out this photo:

That smudge that comes and goes is the Dawn Spacecraft!

2) Browsing the Ubuntu Help forums today, I came across Lightening. It’s a Calendar add-on for Thunderbird! I’ve already installed it and started tweaking. Evolution? What’s that?

3) Everyone on-line is making fun of the CIA's new counter-terrorism logo:

Terrorism isn't like smoking people. If ninja terrorists with AK-47s attack, do we just point at the logo? And the ninja terrorists will be all "Oh, this is a non-terrorism zone? Ooops, our bad." and leave?

4) From Germany, room-specific wallpaper.
While cool, I'm sure my eyes would start twitching in their sockets if I stare too long.

5) COME ON DEC 1st! Thanks to a ticket giveaway at work I get to see "The Ten Tenors" with a friend. Everyone in office was taking the "STOMP" tickets but I got curious and looked them up on Wikipedia. After work, I checked out some performances on YouTube. (2 videos below the cut)

Largo Al Factotum

AND Great Balls of Fire

Eclectic and fun. COME ON DEC 1st!

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