Friday, September 14, 2007

Powdered Metallurgy References

One of the parts I’m developing is a sintered powdered metal component. Most of the parts I work with are injected molded plastic so this one has been learning experience for me. Due to some customer scrutiny, I’ve collected a (for me) unexpected amount of data on this part and typical sintered metal processes.

Below the cut are some on-line sources of info I've found helpful as well as a couple interesting textbooks on sintering and powder metallurgy.

For those interested, here’s some links I’ve found helpful when working on sintered/powdered metal parts:

1) “MPIF” website. The Metal Powder Industries Federation is the industry association for powdered metal (PM) parts. They write a number of useful standards (which are not free) and provide some basic education in sintering on their website (for free). Also, they have an excellent “References” section which lists several key textbooks for sintering processes and powdered metal material design.

2) Powder Metal Database. Mainly the Guidelines for Designing a powder metal part. If you click on the "Click here" button, a window pops-up with some good info on PM parts. This window also lists further references of potential use.

3) “Bainite in Steels” 2nd Edition by H.K.D. Bhadeshia. An excellent book on microstructure analysis available for free download in .pdf form (Click on "Complete Book" in the linked page). While it was a bit more detailed than I needed for my questions, it’s an excellent reference for questions on microstructure behavior and development in ferrous alloys.

Due to this part and a couple of others pending, I am considering purchasing a powdered metal specific textbook as a reference. I have narrowed the choices to two books which are reasonable priced (for textbooks) and a good focus on the topics I am interested in. The two choices are:
“Handbook of Powder Metallurgy” by H.H. Hausner
“Sintering Theory & Practice” by Randall M. German
One of these will likely be on my bookshelf within the month.


Anonymous said...


If you are still interested, we can send you a design guidebook and MPIF Standard at no charge. We are a parts producer in California. Our website is


Kaustubh said...

i hv not read the other book but the book by German is very good,especially if you are new...i know this is quite late(september and feb) but if you are still undecided,try german..and if you hv tried the other one,plz let me know