Friday, September 21, 2007

Personal Enrichment Update: Education

As part of my PE goals, I’m signing up for some Fall Adult Education courses. My goal is 1 self-defense class & two additional classes. What I plan to take:

1) “Self-Defense: Krav Maga” – On Saturday!
2) “First Aid: CPR” - Also on Saturday.
3) “HTML Introduction” – Maybe

On a whim, I checked out what was available for Adult Education through the UT-SA system (most info found here). This intially looked impressive but upon further examination, it’s a bust. UT-SA offers several different types of extended education courses (good).

However, Most classes in the price range of the NISD classes were very obviously commercial sponsered. If I’d received these class descriptions in an e-mail, I would delete them as spam. The classes that appeared to have actual academic content were INSANELY expensive. UT-SA does offer a special enrollment program where non-students can sign up for select UT-SA classes. Unfortunately, they don’t provide a list of classes on-line. I suppose they don’t want extension students to overwhelm the classes but still. Good idea UT-SA but poor execution.

The only class I might consider signing up for is a 2-part GRE prep class.

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