Friday, September 14, 2007

Friday Miscellaneous

I haven’t done one of these all week...

1) Scientists Invent Non-Stick Chewing Gum. Because they have nothing better to do. Although, maybe they’re counting on the money saved from not cleaning streets to go toward more research? Tricksy scientists.

2) User Generated Health Info. A very good article on consumer-generated health info, it’s quality and how the Internet is spurring on this activity. Interesting and somewhat useful.

3) Excellent article on the bogus claims of organic foods. With the amount of false assertions floating around about organic and genetically modified crops, it’s good to read an article written by somebody SANE.

4) Fair Use Worth More than Copyright Use. Consumer use of copyrighted content generated more wealth for the economy than use by the copyright holders. Remember THAT next time someone tells you DRM is a good idea.

5) The More Unusual Articles on Wikipedia. No comment just a good time waster.

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