Saturday, September 29, 2007

A Concise Summary of Fall TV

Below cut are my reactions to this week’s season premieres: Heroes, Bones and Stargate:Atlantis (with mention of Supernatural). Spoilers are present.

Heroes: YAY! (Except for the thing growing on Nathan’s face) Best part: Hiro’s expression when he saw Kensei was white. And the fact that Claire & her dad (HRG-version) are utterly incapable of being “unextraordinary”.

Bones: YAY! EW! (for the cannibalism storyline). “Bones” Public Service Announcement: “Babies taste like fish. Caveat Emptor.” And Zack’s back from Iraq!* I do like that they aren’t solving their bigger cases in one hermetically-sealed episode.

Stargate: Atlantis: YAY! UH-OH! for Dr. Weir. I adored how just when they fixed something, another thing went horribly wrong. And the new doctor while not particularly doctorly (IMHO) did hold her own with Rodney which is not easy to do.

Next week: Supernatural premiere on Thursday. To get in the mood, I’ve watched these two promos (the second uses AC/DC's “Hell’s Bells”!) several (hundred) times. I love that this show turns the CW’s promo department into giddy fanvidders.

* Can I just say how much I love how “Bones” is handling the Iraq War and the War of Terror? Reasons:
1) It’s actually handling them.
2) The show is doing so in a way that shows a real diversity of viewpoints on the war and how it’s being fought.
3) Everyone’s motivations for their opinions on the subject are very in-character (ie – no one goes OOC to push a message).
It’s impressive to me that a show only tangentially about geopolitics (when it impacts a murder case) has managed to do such a good job presenting the conflict.

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