Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Tuesday Miscellaneous

1) Why are we so scared of offending Muslims? Excellent Question. Good article by the ever-topical Christopher Hitchens. The tone is a bit anti-religion in general but the questions asked are ON.

2) Chinese Govt Once Again Shafting Tibetans. Respect their (outdated, totalitarian) authority. Between this and the Yahoo! debacle, why do we trust these morons?

3) MIT working on a HCCL engine design. Fantastic stuff. Diesel fuels are not the cure-all some people (cough*Europe*cough) think they are. The diesel reduction in nitrogen pollutants are offset by an increase in particulate (soot) emissions. TANSTAAFL people. Making an engine that actually burns less fuel more efficiently seems like better all-around alternative.

4) 10 Tips To Make Sure You Stay Broke. The Consumerist tries it's hand at some reverse psychology.

5) MIT's Digital Water Pavilion. A building whose walls are made of water for upcoming Expo on water and sustainable development. Check out the pictures thru the link. COOL.

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