Thursday, June 21, 2007

Linux Switch – Sources And Info

As per my personal enrichment goals, here’s the first of hopefully many posts on switching to a Linux-based system.

With Dell’s recent decision to provide computers loaded with Linux, there’s a great deal of hype out there. There are also some very good sources for determining if this is a change worth making. Obviously, sites run by Linux users aren’t objective BUT their enthusiasm is catching. The better ones do a very good job detailing what criteria are helpful in determining if you want to switch. And, of course, what’s necessary to switch.

Most of the sources I looked out focused on Ubuntu Linux distributions. I wanted something that had a great deal of easy-to-find documentation associated with it. I found the most information on this particular distribution and, most importantly, what I found was informative, clearly-written and interested me.

Ubuntu Home Page - The definitive source for ubuntu and how-to switch. Links to the and ubuntu help forums. Reading the forums for “absolute beginners” was a big help for me because it gave me an idea of what the common problems were and how to handle them.

Ubuntu Geek – Good weblog with lots of specific and interesting information. I have a feeling after I install Ubuntu, I will be returning here often.

Weblog of Marcel Gagne - Weblog for author of many how-to Ubuntu & Linux books. I read his “Moving to Ubuntu” (free on-line version). I’d recommend it for anyone considering a switch.

Wubi - the Ubuntu installer for Dummies (ie – what I plan to use). It creates a virtual hard drive partition automatically so you can run both Windows & Ubuntu. The same group is also working on a way to convert from this virtual partition to a real one. Just a warning: Wubi is in beta. I recommend reading the help forum and associated guides before installing.

Coming Up - Report Card on Installing Ubuntu using Wubi, Possibly also on initial post-install steps

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