Wednesday, June 20, 2007

10 years of Stargate:SG-1

In mere days, the very last episode of "Stargate: SG-1" will air in the US. To commemorate this deeply sad occurance, here is a summary of all that is great and wonderful about Stargate fandom. Everyone talks about the show and deservedly no show = no fans. However, Stargate fandom is the first I got really sucked into with episode boards, meta-commentary, fanfiction, the works. It's been a blast the whole way. So, I got to give credit where its due because I wouldn't love the show quite so much without some of the people cited below.

Disclaimer: All items are linked to sources, no credit is claimed for anything but putting it all on one page. All pictures are from TWOP Motivational Poster thread (go here) except the last one whose source I do not know.

I. Actors Who Rock

2) The MacGyver prank. Amanda Tapping in action.

1) Michael Shanks and his snarky comment at GateCon. When asked for some insight into the show, something we fans don’t know, he said, "Daniel’s actually a night-time ninja. He fights crime in the streets of Colorado Springs. When everyone thinks he’s up late studying stuff, he’s actually fighting crime on the streets. There's a little tidbit for you fan fiction writers." And the writers ran with it, check out the Ninjafic Series here, here and here.

II. Fan Commentary

Stargate has some very creative fans. And not just for fanfiction. Here's some of my favorites.

3) Lost City Spoof by sgeureka: A fanvid made parodying the season 7 finale. All sound and dialogue is taken from the DVD commentaries. I can't imagine how long this took.

2) Stargate Sg-1 Cartoons by Leah Rosenthal Comic: Parodies the show. Other good Stargate comics are here.

1) Everybody's crazy about a Sharp Dressed Man by niamaea: Part 1 of 5. A picture essay discussing Dr. Jackson's clothes through the years. Because on a show about aliens, world-in-peril and the future of humanity, everyone stresses about the clothes. Or the hair.

III. Fanfiction
Stargate is my favorite place for fanfiction. This fandom has the most gems, the most variety in types of stories and the most of my favorites. You wouldn't know it, but this is the short list.

1) “$14.95 plus tax” & it’s sequel “Shipping & Handling” by martyfan: SG-1 reacts to their action figures after disclosure.

2)“Teal’c’s Five Favorite Board Games” by paian: There's a whole sub-genre of 5 things stories. This is one of the best.

3) “The Towers on the Heights…” by minervacat: Technically this is a Stargate:Atlantis story but there’s some crossover characters. Plus it’s about sports in the Stargate universe something I never thought necessary or interesting until I read this.

4) "Look to the Heavens and Number the Stars” and “The Silent Language of the Star” by minervacat: The trials and terrors of being the SGC’s librarian.

5) "Flying Fists, Crouching Archeologist” by Recognizing Orion: Sam teaching Daniel self-defense, set in the first season.

6) “The Harry Situation” by Neuropsych: SG-1 attends a Harry Potter conventions to convince Teal’c the books aren’t real. It really doesn’t go as planned.

7) “Certified” and “Certainly” by Tallulah Rasa: SG-1 and psychiatric evaluations, set in season 2 and 7, respectively.

8) “How Being on SG-1 Isn’t All Space Babes and High Adventure” by kellifer_fic: Lt. Col. Cameron Mitchell adjusts to leading SG-1.

9) “Scotoma” by rydra_wrong: Alternate Universe. What if Daniel’s wife had been saved after he died?

10) "Of Belonging to Another” by pellucid: Former Goa'uld hosts support group.

11) “Unforgotten” by cofax: Teal’c’s son joins the SGC with a question on his mind.

12) "Folsom Prison Blues” by Eve11: SG-1 are in jail. Again.

13) "Performance Reviews" and "Training Exercises" by redbyrd_sgfic: SG-3 and Dr. Jackson get de-briefed and forced to participate in training exercises after allowing their space-ship to be hijacked.

14) “The Barista” by dietcokechic: The improbable friendship between SG-1 and a coffee shop employee as told from the barista’s perspective. SG-1 fanfic writers do very good outsider POV pieces but this is one of the best (and longest).

15) “A Million Years Into the Sky” by niamaea: One possible future for SG-1.


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