Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Warning! Rapid Subject Changes Ahead

Will be travelling to Monterrey, Mexico for the next couple days. I am looking forward to a visit to the plant as they are always interesting (at least in the Chinese sense of the word). I plan to spend my lunches at the local taco place indulging in something Mexico is hands-down better at than US: Carne asada tacos. For 49 pesos, I get 4 reasonable sized tacos with plenty of meat, cheese and avocado. Such an experience makes you realized how generic & uninspiring American tacos are.

I watched the penultimate episode of Heroes last night. Can I just say: Holy Crap was that good! Every character had something to do, great one-liners, excellent continuity (bringing up stuff from the 2nd episode), and all of the action leading to the final confrontation. You know, I’d watch a lot more non-genre shows if they were written & plotted as well as this one.

Current books I am reading:
Black Holes & Time Warps: Einstein's Outrageous Legacy by Dr. Kip Thorne – Liking it but I’m reading it very slowly. The book is about some advanced physics so I’m having to concentrate a bit. Very interesting stuff though. And Dr. Thorne does a good job about presenting it in an understandable way.
Skinny Dip by Carl Hiaasen – Not liking this very much. It’s really boring actually. The author tries so hard to have interesting characters that they don’t actually register as people but are rather each a collection of random, supposedly endearing quirks. I’m going to finish it on general principle. My uncle loaned it to me after a glowing review. I’m not going to tell him it sucked without saying I gave it a real shot.
Conquests & Cultures by Thomas Sowell – Absolutely loving this! He looks at 4 cultures that have been conquered &/or conquerors in their history, how conquest effected them and how it effected those they conquered. He talks about the British, the Africans, the Slavic Peoples & the American Indians. I’m in the middle of the Slavic peoples and so far, it’s excellent.
Number of Books in my To-Read pile: 13
Number of Books on my To-Buy / Reading List: 267 (Not a typo)

One final note, did anyone else know that guacamole is good on tater-tots? Or am I just slow?

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