Thursday, May 31, 2007


Just a quick run-down of what's up:
1) To the American chocolate manufacturers, GOD DAMN YOU, damn you to hell! If you want to save money by taking the cocoa products out of chocolate, that's your call. BUT you don't get to keep calling it chocolate! Link has info about how to complain to the FDA to prevent this travesty of proper labeling.

2) In cool-science news, my dream of interplanetary spelunking is that much closer to reality. The Mars Orbiter has discovered 6 incredibly large cave entrances on Mars. The scale picture with the article shows an opening 100m across! Also, the caves are so deep that no information can be ascertained about their insides.

3) Before Pirate of the Caribbean: At World's End last weekend, they showed a trailer for the new Transformers movie. Everyone in my theater liked it but did a quick side-to-side check of the other people to be sure it wasn't just them. I was skeptical of this project (honestly, I thought Michael Bay had finally lost it) but, man, it looks fantastic!

4) Recent Reading: "7 Daughters of Eve" by Bryan Sykes - I really enjoyed this book about the genetic origins of modern Europeans and the research that went into it. The author has a very wry sense of humor that helps ease through the more technical explanations of things like polymerase chain reactions. However, the last chapter was a weird change of tone from the rest of the book.

Coming this week: My review of NASA's recently released report on Asteroid Deflections. Interesting stuff...

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