Saturday, April 28, 2007

Reason for not blogging for crazy amount of time: Work

One of our customers decided to audit us & four of our suppliers. OMG was that stressful. I’m so glad it’s done so that I can now get really into the next round of Design Reviews! I got to go to California twice in the last month (good) but I didn’t get to do much but work when I was there (bad).

In CA for the last time, we stayed at a mainly Japanese hotel which had a restaurant and Japanese language magazines & TV. The night after the audit I started watching one of the Japanese channels & a soap opera came on. IT WAS FANTASTIC. I didn’t understand a word and it still completely sucked me in! It was about a family where the father had just died and left 5 adult children BUT there was also this illegitimate daughter he’d never told them about. The plot was all about the daughter trying to come clean with her family and the family’s scheming & back-stabbing ways.

Also, I left really early on Saturday and got to watch the sun rise over LA. I managed to take some fairly decent pictures with my camera. Not bad considering it was through a jet window (& I’m not a very good photographer). Enjoy!

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