Friday, November 2, 2007

Attempted Install of AWN - Extras

*is defeated*

See full post for somewhat rambling account of how AWN-extras kicked my ass and what I did to recover (Hint: it involves theme changes...color make everything better).

My attempts to install the awn-extras package ended in ignoble failure. After some help in the forums to clear up dependency issues, I have gotten stuck during the “make” command portion of the install. I have triple-double-with-a-cherry-on-top-checked my dependencies but still nothing. Unfortunately, I do not have the command line knowledge to fix this problem on my own. The last three days I have spent every spare minute on the Ubuntu & AWN help forums looking for any evidence someone else solved this problem. I found a number of quick checks to verify the files I have or update the dependency libraries. But no solution to my problem. The handiest long-term trick I came across was this command:

which opens the Ubuntu Control Center window.

Based on my readings, it seems that Gutsy Gibbon Ubuntu users have slightly less trouble with the awn-extras install (or at least their problems are more solvable). However, I’m not ready to update from Feisty. I’m not really a new-adopter type. I prefer to adopt mid-way after the obvious kinks have been worked out.

So, I’ve just been tweaking the Avant base install and practicing using the Emerald theme manager. My AWN panel now has three launchers (Gedit, XMMS and my home directory). The first two were relatively simple because the commands for the launchers were the program names. For example, when creating a launcher for XMMS, write "xmms" in the Command box. The Home Directory was tricky because what you're technically doing is opening your home directory using your file manager program. In my case that's Nautilus. So the launcher command is:
nautilus /home/username
That took me an embarrassingly long time to figure out.

Launcher-wise, I limited myself to things I don’t have on the upper panel. I’m not getting rid of those launchers because when I update to Gutsy, I’ll need to re-install AWN and the top panel launchers will come in handy then.

The Emerald Manager though I’m LOVING. There’s so many variables to control and tweak; it’s fantastic. I downloaded several more themes from the Beryl website. After giving up on AWN-extras, I cheered myself up by changing my desktop/theme yet again. I’m back to green (with gray this time):


Wallpaper: Armed Bunnies
Emerald Theme: I modified Black-Glass to be greener
Icon Theme: Yasis
Controls: Industrial (backgrounds colored a med-light gray)
Firefox Theme: Phoenity Modern
Thunderbird: Default theme (colored by gray)

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