Monday, October 29, 2007

Computer Art Sources

During my search for the perfect desktop this weekend, I came across two computer art sites of interest: PixelGirlPresents and DeviantArt. Both were highly recommended on the “Desktop” thread in the Ubuntu forums. I’m especially partial to PixelGirl wallpapers; they have an excellent collection of cool and quirky stuff. DeviantArt, while cool, has more of an anime / comics vibe which isn’t really my thing. BUT they also allow you to post screenshots of your desktops. Check out the pics for Unix/Linux.

After fiddling around some more last night, I changed my desktop AGAIN. I’ve become so fickle….Now there’s a blue theme:


Right now, I’m attempting to install the AWN extras package. It’s got additional applets, icons sets and (I hope) themes. Based on the screenshots I’ve seen, I know this panel is capable of a lot more than the initial install leads you to believe. Somehow, I also plan to make time this week to download more emerald themes for my new Beryl install. I downloaded one last night just to try out the process (“Blue-VuDu” - used in above screenshots).

Thanks to these desktop tweaks and the new Splash screens / Log-In managers I got from GnomeArt, I can now have a very specific aesthetic experience every time I use my computer. And I control it every step of the way.

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