Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Join A League of Extraordinary Citizens!

Interesting idea…Apparently, US House Appropriations Committee chairman has stated the reason they are not reviewing all of the 36,000+(!!) earmark requests is lack of time. So, Porkbusters, a watchdog organization, has created a list of people offering to volunteer to assist our poor-overburdened Congresspeople in reviewing the requests. I signed up, which is a bit unusual for me as I’m not traditionally a joiner. I figure if it pans out, I can work on it an hour or so a day after work.

The idea’s an intriguing one. I mean, normal means of reform through last year’s election didn’t work so well, did it? Maybe we need to think outside the box. Perhaps, in an effort to bring about a Transparent Society, our government should start to modify its processes to reflect the increased ability of citizens to participate, not just observe.

(On a side note, this petition marks the first time I’ve given out my blog address to anyone. Which means, there may be *gulp* other people reading this weblog soon.)

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